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Hemigraphis Alternata

Snow White waffle plant

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Also known as: Snow White, Snow White Waffle Plant, Red Ivy, Hemigraphis Alternata

Waffley by name - waffley by nature! 

This Snow White beauty has gorgeously textured pale green leaves which have beautiful metallic purple/pink variegation with deep purple undersides. Think raspberry mint sorbet on a breakfast waffle and you're there! Yum!

(Need we say: DON'T go trying to eat her!! We can see you licking your lips!!)

With her stunning cascading foliage, she's happy trailing or will creep for ground cover as she does in her natural habitat. 

In ideal conditions to thrive, she may display white blooms in summer. Do be sure to protect her from the cold or drafts - or she'll fall into a forever sleep just like Snow White and we don't want that!

Care: Keep soil consistently lightly moist but not wet and repot into well draining potting mix. Temps +19 °C. Bright indirect light (avoid direct sun as leave sensitive to scorching, low light will dull colours). Moderate to high humidity required, 50-70%.

Hemigraphis Alternata are non toxic to cats and dogs deeming them pet friendly houseplants.

Height: 8cm
Pot diameter: 6cm

Note: Plants are living things and variation is to be expected (celebrated even). The plant you receive won't be exactly the same one as pictured, but we do everything possible to make sure it is representative and that you won't be disapointed. Heights are approximate and include the pot. Any pots or hands featured in the pictures aren't included.