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Peperomia prostrata

String of Turtles

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Also known as: Jade necklace, Trailing jade, Creeping buttons and round leaf Peperomia, Peperomia prostrata

This is not the type of turtle that you save by not using straws but it's the closest thing you can keep at home. String of Turtles is a somewhat rare plant as the demand for it is through the roof-- for good reason. It's a super quick grower like its friends Sting of Hearts and Variegated String of Hearts. The new growth is the sweetest thing to behold; tiny pin sized leaves with a turtle shell pattern emerge from the vine to tug at your heart stings. 

Care: String of Turtles likes to dry between waterings and hates being wet. Feed monthly in the growing season and provide bright indirect light for maximum growth. It is tolerant of lower light however the growth will be less compact.

Peperomia Prostata (String of Turtles) are non toxic to cats and dogs deeming them pet friendly houseplants.

Height: 6cm
Pot diameter: 6cm

Note: Plants are living things and variation is to be expected (celebrated even). The plant you receive won't be exactly the same one as pictured, but we do everything possible to make sure it is representative and that you won't be disapointed. Heights are approximate and include the pot. Any pots or hands featured in the pictures aren't included.