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Dossinia Marmorata 'Queen of Jewels'

Dossinia Marmorata 'Queen of Jewels'

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Also known as: 'Queen of Jewels', Jewel Orchid, Miniature Orchid, Dossinia Marmorata 'Queen of Jewels'

Our Fierce Queen - Dossinia Marmorata owns everything. Our one true Queen, she is the most fabulous. One of a kind - she’s the only species under the Dossinia genus.

Top of her class in the jewel orchid category, she knows her worth darling and to keep her happy as Larry (and we know how happy Larry can be) - “you betta werk!” 

She likes to get her sweat on and needs high humidity to thrive, crack this and she’ll be easy going and rewarding to care for - shantay you stay! She’s the perfect choice for your terrarium.

Highly sought after, she dresses herself in the finest chocolatey brown velvet, tailored with striking multicoloured shimmering veins which seem to change colour towards the inner swirls of her leaves as they dance with the light. So simply stunning all - the other plants will just sashay away…

With modest flowers (we don’t want the crown to detract from the dress now do we?!) Dossinia Marmorata are grown primarily for foliage (instead of the extravagant blooms of typical orchids) and their care is quite different. Growing in soil beneath the forest canopy, she has a creeping rhizome that eventually spreads over the ground so she’ll enjoy a wide shallow pot.

Care: Bright to moderate/indirect light, (leaves will fade and scorch in direct sunlight). Keep soil moist but not wet - excellent drainage required. (Try not to get the leaves wet when watering). High humidity 60+ required to thrive. Essential to keep warm all year round, 19c+. Repot in a well draining mix with good water retention. Fertilise lightly on a regular basis.

Note: Plants are living things and variation is to be expected (celebrated even). The plant you receive won't be exactly the same one as pictured, but we do everything possible to make sure it is representative and that you won't be disapointed. Heights are approximate and include the pot. Any pots or hands featured in the pictures aren't included.