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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Baby Plant? Baby Plants are young plants capable of growing to full size. We provide Baby Plants as a way to enjoy new plants on an affordable and more manageable scale.

There's something wrong with my order, can you help?  Of course! Email us with your order details and clear pictures to Our team will sort out your order faster than you can say Trachelospermum Asiaticum :)

What happens if my package gets lost? If your parcel is lost we will find a solution that works for you. We're not happy until you're happy!

My parcel is delayed, why? Due to the pandemic and other environmental issues couriers may experience spikes in staff absence or other delays. If that is the case you may call them with your tracking number. They should be able to provide further information when the parcel is in their possession.

My plant has a missing/damaged leaf, what can I do? If you are seriously concerned about your plant you can shoot us a message on Otherwise you can trim off any damage and keep your plant somewhere warm. It is not uncommon for couriers to slightly damage parcels but plants are living beings so whatever is mechanically damaged will be outgrown in as little as two weeks. 

Can I combine discounts? Nope. Our prices are quite competitive and we pay our employees a real living wage so we can't really indulge youse in that. Plus our shop dog eats a tonne of fancy kibble so there's that. But if you're sweet to us we'll often put extra plants in for our return customers :)