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Six Pet Friendly Plants with Charm ✨ | Friends or Friends

Six Pet Friendly Plants with Charm ✨

Six Pet Friendly Plants with Charm ✨

By Joe 🤿

Pancho, Silver and Matt’s beautiful black labrador, often helps out at the Friends or Friends warehouse. He greets everyone as though you were the best-friend he hasn’t seen in 5 years, and brings a joy and positivity that has the power to turn any bad day into a good one. Luckily, having worked in the plant business for a long time, he knows that plants aren’t food – despite this, many pets get a bit more confused, and as some plants can be toxic for animals, it’s important to know which plants are safe, and which ones are not. If you are a pet owner, here is a list of some of our favourite plants sold at Friends or Friends that you can relax in the knowledge that they are safe for all residents of your home.

Please be aware however, that some pets may be particularly sensitive to plants despite the plant being deemed as Pet friendly. 

Although I only mention 6 plants here, for a more comprehensive list click here :)

  1.  Kitty Grass

Arguably the most pet friendly of all the pet friendly plants on this list is the Kitty grass. Some cats actually enjoy this plant – I guess it was even named after them. Who knows, it may even distract a cat from your other house plants! 


  1. Fishbone Cactus 

This cactus has a lovely kind of cartoony feel to it. Even though the name suggests it resembles a fish’s bones, it personally reminds me more of something you would find in the aquarium itself – It is a cactus though, so it really doesn’t want that much water. Either way it’s safe for cats and dogs, so it’s definitely pet friendly.

  1. String of Turtles 

Continuing the animal theme, the string of turtles is also pet friendly – meaning that if your cat or dog decides to start eating turtles, you don’t have to worry – no turtle shells will be coughed up.

  1. Peacock Plant

This gorgeous plant is also non toxic, and so it is safe for your dog or your cat, no matter what their opinion on peacocks might be. 

  1. Sarracenia (purpurea parrot)

The Sarracenias (including the maroon and the scarlet belle) are non toxic, and although they are carnivorous, we are lucky they are not big enough to be a dangerous for people or pets (unless you are one of the mario brothers of course)

  1. Money Plants

While real money is not for pets, luckily there is no problem with money plants! These lovely and easy care plants are non toxic and safe for your furry creatures.


Although there are many beautiful plants out there, knowing which plants are toxic and non toxic can help to guide you, whether it’s a case of keeping certain plants out of reach of dogs, or deciding not to let them into your house at all. The pet friendly plants on this list also happen to be some of my personal favourites, they are often beautiful, simple and green plants that give off a comforting and safe atmosphere to your home. 

About Joe

  • Joe is a freelance writer from Leicester, UK, with a love for gardening, trees and house plants. He works at Friends or Friends, and enjoys writing short stories in his spare time. He loves orcas, bikes, lawnmowers and the colour blue (amongst others).
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