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Baby Plants, What's the Fuss? - Friends or Friends

Baby Plants, What's the Fuss?

If you’ve been on facebook groups in the past two years you will have noticed the rise of Baby Plants. Although juvenile plants have been around for ages, also known as plug plants, juveniles, and seedlings, they are now truly culturally cemented in the houseplant community. Anyone from seasoned plant parents to people without consider themselves plant killers can grow one of these babies which makes them super attractive.

The allure of the Baby Plants doesn’t stop at ease of care, they are also miles more affordable than a full sized plant. This affordability doesn’t stop at monetary value. Sure saving you shmackos for a late night maccers is cool but being able to afford your dream plants and having these plants in a manageable size is great for the pocket book and time management. Some people may simply not have enough time to tend to a full size indoor garden so a mini jungle is the best -and most adorable- option. Plus how cute are the tiny greenhouses from Ikea? Need we mention Terrarium building? By far one of the top 3 reasons why people love our Baby Plants.terrarium with pink red fittonia nerve plant baby plant DIY terrarium


It’s important to remember that Baby Plants are going to grow into full size plants. Some plants are cultivated to stay small, some are biologically micro– like orchids– but most Baby Plants are simply a young version of a plant. With the right care they can grow quite sizeable within a couple months! If a micro jungle is what you’re after, you can trim the roots and foliage of the plant to keep them small in size.

Reformed Plant Killers or people who don’t think they’re good with plants can also benefit from acquiring Baby Plants. How? I hear you ask; Well… The main mistake people make when getting into any gardening hobby, be it indoors or outdoors, is that they choose plants that may not be an immediate match. With Baby Plants you get to try multiple plant genera and ultimately that leads you to decide which plants you work best with or which plants work best in your space. The end result is a reformed plant killer, a sense of accomplishment and perhaps one of the best hobbies out there. DIY Kit succulent garden baby plants succulents

Wether you enjoy gardening , collecting plants, curating an indoor jungle or just cruising through hobbies– Baby Plants are a great option for a minimal price. 

Have a look at our super range of Baby Plants and see if one catches your eye. They're BUY 4 GET 1 FREE, always. New around here? Use code NEWFRIEND10 for 10% and sign up to our emails for offers, news and more friendship!

Love and Bright Indirect Light,

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